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    Retta Putignano
    Breaking up over conflicting social network
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    Retta Putignano
    Talking to daughter about her boyfriend.
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    Retta Putignano
    Blurred Lines parody
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    Retta Putignano
    Talking to Cindy about the boss
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    Retta Putignano
    Losing her job taking care of Victoria's father
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    Retta Putignano
    Talking in group therapy
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    Retta Putignano
    Trying to convince battered wife to testify against her husband.
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    Retta Putignano
    Telling Dan his mission
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    Retta Putignano
    Temp trying to handle the receptionist phones and the front desk at the same time
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    Retta Putignano
    Talking to the priest about her waning faith
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    Retta Putignano
    Being interrogated for her husband's murder

About Me

Originally from Chicago, Retta is a graduate of the Second City Chicago Conservatory and is a former student of the Beverly Hills Playhouse. She has appeared in over 20 short films and 3 features. Her most notable lead was in the short film Parthenabe, which garnered the film the Best Drama Award by the Academy of Television, Arts and Sciences. Most recently, she produced and starred in a short film, wrote and produced a spy thriller for her production company, Multi-hyphenate Films, and is in pre-production to film a John Patrick Shanley one-act with an A-List actor/director attached to direct. She is also partner and head writer for the Los Angeles-based company Create Your Reel, which fully produces custom actor demo reels and independent films.

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Special Skills

Cake Baker/Decorator, Dancer - Burlesque, Drives Stick Shift, Owner-Create Your Reel, Personal Trainer, Prof. Hand Model, Speaks Some Italian, Trained in CPR, WriteGirl Mentor, Aerobics, Rollerblading, Running - General, Scuba Diver, Weight Lifting, Dance - Pole Dancing, Dance Ballet, Dance Jazz, Dance Tap, Improvisation, Licensed Driver, Midwest Accent, New York Accent, Puerto Rican Accent, Russian Accent




Retta Putignano Widow
Retta Putignano Suspect
Retta Putignano Receptionist
Retta Putignano Girlfriend
Retta Putignano Singer
Retta Putignano Office Temp
Retta Putignano Personal Assistant
Retta Putignano Patient
Retta Putignano Assassin
Retta Putignano Lawyer
Retta Putignano Italian Mom


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Eileen O'Farrell Personal Management
Eileen O'Farrell , Manager
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Littman Talent Group
Erica Hunton , Commercial Agent